Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vintage Wedding Cake

This week was a super busy one for cakes. I'll have to do different posts for most of the cakes, just so that they can have their own spot to shine! But first, the one I was most pleased with.

My customer was helping plan a party for her grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, and wanted me to re-create their wedding cake. I loved the idea, but it did make me nervous, because I had never done a cake in that style - fluffy, all buttercream, hand piped, vintage, etc, etc, etc. You know the type. So I was already nervous...and then I got the picture of the original cake:

My first thought was "Well THAT's not very helpful!!" And, having never done cakes like this, EVER, I literally had no idea where to start. But after some awesome advice from the amazing cake decorators on my favorite cake groups, I had some ideas. The best idea they gave me was to buy some vintage cake books - and so I did! So with some good suggestions, authentic, printed in the 1950's cake decorating books, and a fool's confidence, I went for it: 

I even haunted Ebay (for what felt like hours) trying to find the same cake topper. I don't think I found the EXACT one, but everyone in my cake groups agreed that the one I bought was the closest. And the customer's grandma said it was the closest out of the three pictures I sent her. (My OCD wanted me to find the exact one, but that crazy lady can't win all the time.) 

It was my first time piping. And my first time making buttercream roses. And my first time using tuck and ruffle (how much of a pain is that stuff?!) And my first time getting the Viva paper towel thing to work! 

But I was pretty delighted by how it turned out. As it turns out, I can do more than just crank out fondant covered novelty cakes. In fact, I may have some actual, old school decorating skills lurking somewhere, waiting to be encouraged!  

So, a side by side comparison!

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