Saturday, June 14, 2014


It's been a while since I've done a wedding cake. Like, two years a while. Although that's not unusual. When you're new on the cake scene, people will give you a try for birthday cakes and such, but for wedding cakes? Well, they want to go with someone with a proven track record. (Unless the bride is a Bargain Betty, in which case, good luck with that. Or unless she's your sister, in which case she's stuck with your new hobby.)

Anyway, I've booked a few for this summer, which delights and terrifies me. I've done two so far, with one to go.

On a side note, I had another one booked, but I had to cancel it. Why? Because they didn't pay their deposit on time, per the contract I sent them. The groom's response was 'I thought that was just info about how you run your business'. Uh...that's exactly what a contract is. 'But it's two weeks before our wedding!' Uh, that's why you should have read your contract. I kinda felt like a jerk, but like I mentioned a few post back, I've had to get all adult and serious about business.

So here's the two I've done so far, with the bachelorette party cake for one of them. One more side note, and then I promise I'm done - the order for the bachelorette party cake brought the wedding cake order. After her party, she called and asked if I had room to do her cake, because she was having so many problems with the baker she hired. It was a week off, but she was willing to pay the rush fee (see, another adult business owner thing), and I had the time.

And the other, smaller one - it wasn't technically for a wedding, but for a wedding themed lady's luncheon. It still felt as stressful!

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