Saturday, June 14, 2014

Royal Icing Cookies

Royal Icing Cookies...

They're pretty new to me, but I'm intrigued. 


It's been a while since I've done a wedding cake. Like, two years a while. Although that's not unusual. When you're new on the cake scene, people will give you a try for birthday cakes and such, but for wedding cakes? Well, they want to go with someone with a proven track record. (Unless the bride is a Bargain Betty, in which case, good luck with that. Or unless she's your sister, in which case she's stuck with your new hobby.)

Anyway, I've booked a few for this summer, which delights and terrifies me. I've done two so far, with one to go.

On a side note, I had another one booked, but I had to cancel it. Why? Because they didn't pay their deposit on time, per the contract I sent them. The groom's response was 'I thought that was just info about how you run your business'. Uh...that's exactly what a contract is. 'But it's two weeks before our wedding!' Uh, that's why you should have read your contract. I kinda felt like a jerk, but like I mentioned a few post back, I've had to get all adult and serious about business.

So here's the two I've done so far, with the bachelorette party cake for one of them. One more side note, and then I promise I'm done - the order for the bachelorette party cake brought the wedding cake order. After her party, she called and asked if I had room to do her cake, because she was having so many problems with the baker she hired. It was a week off, but she was willing to pay the rush fee (see, another adult business owner thing), and I had the time.

And the other, smaller one - it wasn't technically for a wedding, but for a wedding themed lady's luncheon. It still felt as stressful!

Matchy-Matchy Treats!

Cakes...With Cupcakes!! And Cakes...With Cookies!!! And Cakes...With Smash Cakes!!

Who doesn't love matchy-matchy treats?


Up to now, I've been mostly a cake girl. Oh I've messed around with cupcakes and pies and cookies, but mostly my orders have been for cakes. But since coming to the bakery, my orders have been a lot more varied. Which is fun - I like having something new and different. Like cupcake orders. Lots of them. 

Graduation Week

Graduation week was a pure nightmare for me! I've never done this cake thing professionally before, so I was mentally unprepared for the sheer volume of work. Aside from the modest number of custom cake orders I booked before I moved into the bakery, there were the sheet cake orders the store booked. Oh my gosh...the sheet cakes. I had bad dreams about the sheet cakes! They looked good, but they didn't have any wow factor. So I won't bore you with the pictures. Next year though, I'll be better prepared to give them said wow.

I will, however, harass you with pics of the custom orders I did.

Lazy Baker's Catch Up

Now that we're all caught up on the move, let me tell you - I'm kinda lazy when it comes to blogging. And since I'm writing to myself here anyway, I'm not going to write a new post for each cake I've done since. So here's a quick catch up!

New Digs

It's been a while since I posted last, but not for the usual reason! Going a few months without posting isn't unusual for me (since nobody reads my posts anyway), but normally it's because I'm just too lazy to write anything. And Facebook just makes it so darn EASY to post pictures!

But this time, I have a great, legitimate excuse, that has nothing to do with my laziness.

I officially moved my cake business from my home to the grocery store bakery where I was (and am) the head baker. And let me tell you, there has been QUITE the learning curve. You wouldn't think such a small move would throw a baker off her game, but let me tell you, it does!

Among other things, I've had to adjust for:

*Using an industrial microwave instead of my Wal-Mart special. Learned that by overheating my first batch of homemade fondant after the move. Although it was an issue I didn't realize was at play until I found myself trying to smooth fondant the consistency of play-dough over a cake.

*Sharing my space with co-workers who are also doing a job - running the deli. Guess how fun it is to decorate cakes while there is raw chicken on EVERY surface? (Okay, I'm exaggerating, but my OCD doesn't like raw meat and chicken in the same vicinity as my cakes. Or food of any kind for that matter.)

*Running a business. I was 'kinda' doing a good job before, but now that I'm in a 'real' bakery, in a 'real' business, there's no more monkeying around with things like "Oh, you don't have to pay a deposit, I trust you!" I'm not used to being a serious business person - contracts, deposits, consultations - it all feels way more grown up than I'm qualified for. Like cancelling orders on clients who don't pay their deposits on time...oh my heck, that crap SUCKS. But...with all these SERIOUS BUSINESS PERSON things, I don't put myself in sticky situations anymore. (Sticky situations, IE, the time my "friend" stiffed me on a $25 custom cupcake order, because he's a cheap a-hole). Maybe it's the idea of the owner shutting me down, but I don't mess around anymore, despite my natural tendency to be a non-confrontational, wishy-washy pants in regards to payments, etc.

*Being on someone else's dime! I've never been so conscious of how many hours I'm putting into a cake! At home I let my OCD run the show (and frequently spent 8 hours on cakes, thus making approx. .47 cents an hour. I exaggerate. But seriously.) I'm having a tough time learning when enough is enough, despite what my perfectionism may be screaming at me.

*Remembering my camera. At home, I have lots of cameras laying around. At the bakery, not so much. The phrases I utter the most lately: "Where the hell is my camera??!!" and "Does anyone have an iPhone I can borrow?"


It's been a good move. Hopefully I'll get back on my game soon. (Seriously, how long is this going to take??)

So here's the first cake I sent out of the new digs: