Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fairy Princess Cakes

When I posted this cake to my Facebook page, one of my cake friends said "you are like the queen of the doll-cakes LOL". I think she's being a bit dramatic, but I do have a soft spot for doll cakes. This doll has been sitting in my cake cupboard for almost a year, since I did this one:

I loved the style of fairy doll so much that (naturally) I went on Ebay and found some more fairy dolls to buy! The blue one was supposed to be shimmery too, but my shimmer dust order from Amazon didn't get here in time. Darn small towns. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chevron Love

I've had my eye on a bunch of the cute cutters from Not Just Cakes by Annie for quite a while, and when they went on sale last time, I finally remembered to be sitting at my computer waiting!

Among other things, I bought the chevron cutters I've been lusting over for months, as well as some plaque cutters. Both of which came in handy when I got a last minute order for this cake: 

This cake was kismet, I tell you. The cutters came in just days before the order did, but when I ordered them, there wasn't a chevron cake order in sight. 

Pancakes and Pajamas

A year ago this month, I made my first real friend here in the tiny town I live in. Her daughter invited my daughter to a birthday party, and we hit it off. So even though this is her daughter's birthday cake this year, in my head I'm calling it the "Frienaversary" cake. (See what I did there? Friend + Anniversary? No, I'm not a dork!)

The party theme was pancakes and pajamas.

The top tier is supposed to look like a table covered in a tablecloth. I'm still not sure that's the effect I got, but it's close.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sports Fans

How can you tell this family is a fan of sports, and especially Broncos football? I'll give you a hint...