Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Dutch!

 I know what you're thinking

"Oh no, not another superhero cake"

But this one is special! (I know, I say that about every single cake)

This one, though, was for my friend's son Dutch, for his 3rd birthday. His mom, my friend, has been a firm supporter of my cake habit since the very beginning. She ordered Dutch's 2nd birthday cake from me, even though at that point I had only done six cakes, and later on a graduation cake for her intern.

I hope I get to do Dutch's cake next year too! (And the year after that, and the one after that...) was my first Spiderman cake :-)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


I know I said the last baby shower cake was my favorite of the year, but now it has to share top honors with this one. I just can't stand how much I love it, from the perfectly spaced polka dots and stripes (which my obsessive nature just adores), to the pretty letters, to the google-eyed alligator that my cake minion husband made. (If you missed it, he's a fondant animal genius.)

And one of the best parts is that as I made it, I was teaching a friend how to do it herself. She wanted to learn how to decorate fondant cakes, and I wanted a new friend to bond with over cake. So when she agreed to help plan a baby shower for a friend of hers, a beautiful opportunity for cake awesomeness was born.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cake Minion

Ah, another one cake weekend. But I'm glad it was a one-caker, because this cake had me nervous. Specifically, I was worried about meeting the customer's expectations for a life-like rainbow trout.

Luckily my cake minion, AKA hubby, is not only a fisher, but an excellent gum paste/fondant animal creator. And easily molded to my will...mehehehehe (that's an evil cackle for those of you who don't speak evil cake genius). He whipped this beauty right out in no time flat, and took it right over the edge with a real fly fishing tie hooked in the fish's mouth.

And to top it all off, he pounded my dry, hard brown sugar into river sand. I wonder if he would wear one of these t-shirt from Captain Leisure T's?

The fish really steals the show. The rest of the cake is kinda "meh" compared to it! But...I'm pretty good at using those candy rocks in artful ways!

Oh, and that was supposed to look like that stringy, mossy stuff you get caught on your line when you're fishing. I'm still not sure if it worked. 

(PS - In all seriousness I'm so lucky to have a husband who is not only willing to lend his artful eye when I'm stumped, but who secretly likes it too. So if you're reading this, I sure appreciate you babe.)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Humor

I had my first Valentine's Day order this year, from a customer with a great sense of humor. Click here to see the cake she did for her favorite Aunt's birthday.

I know she got the idea off Pinterest, right here in fact, because I had the same idea pinned on my oh so large cake and cookies board. She wrote her own sayings though...

I'm getting better at royal icing though... my last attempt was sketchy LOL

Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Cake Weekend

I just don't know what to do with myself on a one cake weekend, especially when the one cake is nice, simple design. This time, I forgot to take pictures in my nice, staged cake area at home. Thankfully my customer (who ordered this cake just last week) was okay with camera shots that included her kitchen in the background! She even staged the area with a birthday present. :-)

And bonus, I got to use the leftover edible diamonds from this cake, which have been hanging around my kitchen for months

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Balloons and Bacon

Before we get to my favorite cake of the week (and the year, at least so far), let's hear it for...BACON!!!

You know, it's very hard getting bacon colors exactly right. Even when it was done, I didn't think the colors were right...but what color is bacon, exactly? Cook up a package, and then study the colors...they are difficult to put a name to :-)

The cake was for a 13 year old boy who wanted a bacon themed party. Boys...

Once the bacon was safely "cooked" (Haha, see what I did there?), I started kicking around ideas for a baby shower cake. Since I'm currently obsessed with zoo animals, the choice was easy (I love when customers tell me 'Oh make whatever'). It ended up being my favorite cake so far this year.

I think the elephant is even cuter than the first one I did