Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh, Can You Bring a Cake?

I'm starting to wonder if my friends invite me to "help" with activities just so that I'll bring cake...LOL

This was for a baby shower my friend Hannah held did for a friend of hers - not a friend I know, but what better way to make friends than with CAKE!


I got to practice some more on my buttercream smoothing skills (which still aren't as awesome as I want), and finally got to use the First Impressions baby mould I bought a while back!

I think the baby is ridiculously cute... long as I think of it as a cake topper. And not as an edible baby. Because that freaks me out.

(And then my warped mind thinks about belly cakes, which freak me out too. And pretty soon I've planned a freaky, pregnant belly Halloween cake in my head. Complete with surprise baby inside, and possibly red velvet cake and apply jelly filling. Very Halloween-esque.)

See? It's darn cute!

On a side note, last week the little girl I watch said to me "I'm going to tell my mom to invite you to my birthday party, because you're the only one who can make the cake"

At least I get an invite LOL

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