Saturday, May 25, 2013

Melting Cakes

For my nephew's birthday, he asked for Laramie Plainsmen cake. Vanilla. Sounds so simple, right? A high school mascot cake for a 16 year old who loves sports.

Sigh, the cake gods were not smiling down on me.

Oh sure, it looks okay here. But on the way there, the fondant on the top layer melted off. Yes, literally. It melted down the sides, bulging and tearing as it went. I was able to scrape it clean once we got to my sister's house, and thank goodness the Wal-Mart there carries a few cake supplies, because I was able to repair the massive damage.

So, note to self - do not try to transport a cake in high humidity weather with no air conditioning in the car. (Thank goodness it was for family)

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