Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cowgirl Cake

This weekend's project was a cake/cupcake combo for a friend's daughter. She was so cute when they came over to talk about it! She had pictures of the cakes she liked, and knew what parts of each cake she liked. She even knew what flavors she wanted - vanilla for her, and chocolate for other people who might not like chocolate!

Baby Octopus

A few months ago, the PTA called and asked if I would like to bring a treat for the teachers during their training. My natural reaction was "Well duh!!" Asking a baker if she would like to make a treat is like a bear if he'd like a tasty elk steak!

But I digress...

The teachers apparently loved this cake, because I've received orders from a few of them, including this cute baby shower cake. I patterned the cake after the decorations, which is one of my favorite options for baby showers.

Here are the decorations:

And here's the cake:

I think the little octopus was my favorite part :-)