Saturday, January 26, 2013

There's Only So Much Time!

Did you know that lots of small bakers set a limit on how many cakes they'll do in a given weekend? It makes sense...there is only so much time in a weekend! 

I myself will only do two or three cakes a weekend, depending on size, details, delivery, etc. I can do more (and have before), but I'm always worried that the quality of my work will suffer. After all, if you're paying me $50+ for a cake, I want it to look AMAZING 

So here are the cakes from my second two-cake weekend of the year. I've been dying to try the tie-dye effect for quite a while now (another item on that 'to try' list I talk about so much), and loved how well it worked. I wasn't pleased with the way the peace signs turned out, so I'll do that different next time. Maybe full fondant instead...

And the other one was just fun - on a whim I decided to paint the toothpicks and leave them showing. I really like how it looked.

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