Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Cake of the Year

Funny story...

When I counted 2012's cakes again, I got 64 the second time.

Told you I wasn't good at math!

Of course, that doesn't count all the pies, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, or other assorted treats I made. Or the sheet cakes I did at work - I work at the grocery store bakery too. I ♥ baking...

The first weekend of 2013 was a two cake weekend! The first was a batman birthday cake, which I had a great idea for, but wasn't sure gravity would agree with me: 

Luckily, it did! I wanted the top tier to be 8 inches or so tall, so that I could get a really great city scene in. And Batman himself too, looking all fierce, guarding the city from evil.

This isn't my first Superhero cake, and the more I do, the more idea I think of! Here's a few from last year: 

You can see the original here

You can see the original here

You can see the original here

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