Saturday, December 15, 2012

My First Cake Disaster

Let's mark the first cake disaster. Cute cake right? Well, not as cute as it was supposed to be. It should have had 9 little construction workers in various hardworking poses. What happened to them? Well...

I put them safe and sound in their transport box, and set them on top of the car while I loaded the cake. I don't like to transport things like that on the cake, because they fall a lot. And then...the Wyoming wind.

It swept the box off the car, and landed it in the yard. Where my loyal, loving border collie Gracie-Lou ate the whole thing, box and all. It was a fondant people massacre.

Sigh...I may never decorate again. Two and a half hours of sculpting work down the drain. Or down the hatch I guess.

Sigh. The little foreman was supposed to be leaning on the sign: 

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