Saturday, November 10, 2012

Little Animals

I only do two cakes a weekend. I could do more, and have, but I don't like to. Because after two, the quality of my work goes down, and I'm a little too detail oriented (my hubby would say obsessed) for that to be okay. :-)

But I did three this weekend. An extra, matching sheet cake doesn't really count, not when I have an edible printer and matching frosting already bagged and ready to be piped.

That hand painting on her dress was especially hard for me, because I'm not very practiced in painting. The tiny Pascal, on the other hand, was easy because my daughter's have watched Tangled HUNDREDS of times. Over, and over, and over...

I think he really made the cake.

And the matching sheetcake: 

 This one turned out beautifully I thought, although much as I would like to, I can't claim the design. Customers often bring me pictures and ask me to duplicate them. That was the case here.

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