Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sheet Cakes

A few weeks ago, I got my first sheet cake pan in the mail. I was so excited to use it that I dropped everything and embarked on my very first sheet cake...and was SO NOT impressed with the results!

I figured I would do something simple, and then send it to work with my husband. And the NRCS logo sounded simple enough (that's where he works). Well, I learned a lot of things! First, you have to use enough cake batter, or there's just not enough cake to work with. Second, you have to make sure that either:

A) Your Cake is Frozen


B) Your frosting is soft enough to work with

Ideally, both are best.

Third, you have to let your cake cool enough to not fall out of the pan in chunks. 

The thing is, I know all of these things, and follow them with EVERY cake! So why didn't I this time? Sigh. I was excited, and therefore in a hurry!

It tasted really, really good...I didn't send it to the office.


After the first one, I was thrilled with how the second one turned out! And yes, I slowed down and followed good baking and decorating rules this time around!

I made this one for the teachers at my daughter's school - turns out the PTA provides dinner and dessert for the teachers during parent-teacher conferences. And when you're friends with the PTA president...well, you get recruited a lot.

I doubt they expected anything like this...that'll teach 'em to ask a self-proclaimed baking professional for a cake!

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