Monday, September 10, 2012

You Know You Want to Sing Along

I'm sure all bakers have their quirks, and I'm no different. One of mine is the quest to make the perfect beer can cake. My secret mission is to make one that looks so much like a real beer can, you can't decide if you should eat it or drink it! My first attempt was neat...

...and it gave me lots of ideas for a better beer can cake the next time, two of which were to use an edible image, and some edible silver spray. So with lots of time on my hands last week (I haven't made any friends yet, LOL), I decided it was time to continue my quest for the perfect beer can cake:

This one was a vast improvement over the first one...but now I have even more ideas for how to make it even better the next time. And the quest continues...

PS ~ Go ahead, you know you want to sing the song:

"Reach your hand down into the cooler, don't drink it if the mountains aren't blue..."

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