Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcome to Glenrock

Well, here we are in Glenrock, one of the nicest little towns in Wyoming. The people are just so welcoming and wonderful, and although I have lots of stories to highlight that fact, here's the best one.

The second week we were here, I went down to a little shop called 4th Street Pickers. Mostly I was interested in the hot pink Christmas tree out front, but when I found out that wasn't for sale, I wandered around looking at things. Naturally, I found lots of cake making supplies I just had to have.

When I was done digging around in their basement, I went upstairs to pay for my treasures. But when the gal at the front went to ask the "boss" how much everything was, she came back in and said "You won't like what he said."

I laughed nervously and asked what he had said. And she replied "He said you can have them for free, if you make him a cake."

Only in a small town...

So I agreed, and immediately knew what to make for him. Because not only does he own 4th Street Pickers, he also owns Big Boy Toys here in town. I'm not exactly sure what they do...but there are lots of AMAZING motorcycles parked out front every day! So the cake choice was pretty easy:

Now, they would have been my favorite store in town anyway, with all the fabulous "junk" available to dig through. But their extra fun and welcoming attitudes...well that pushed me right over the top! I ♥ this town. 

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