Saturday, August 11, 2012

Repeat Customers

I ♥ repeat customers, and not just because of the income. I ♥ being part of their special memories...birthday parties, weddings, baby showers. There's just something so neat about seeing your customer's families grow and change.

I did these cakes for a special lady whose adult kids, and their spouses, all shared the same birthday month - August. She called and said she wanted one cake for the guys, and one cake for the girls...and she wanted them cowboy and cowgirl. Having done a cake for her grandson few months before, I was excited to be able to add something to their family celebration once again. And she gave me free reign, which is always fun. :)

So here's the ladies' cake:

And here's the guys' cake:

After meeting up with her to deliver, and jumping her car, she said to me "Whose going to do my cakes now that you are moving?!" Maybe I'll have to drive back to town once a month, just for special customers like her.

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