Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Western Wedding

My sister got married last weekend, and was sweet enough to let me make her wedding cake. I say sweet enough because I'd never done a wedding cake before! And the next time I do, especially if I'm traveling to do it, I'm taking my own KitchenAid from home. Why? Because when we got to my sister's house the night before the ceremony to make the royal frosting for the piping, we discovered that she doesn't own a mixer. So FYI, a double batch of royal icing takes 7 minutes in a KitchenAid...or 30 minutes in a HubbyAid. Yes, my long suffering husband hand-whisked a double batch of royal icing for me. If you don't know how spectacular that is, give it a try sometime!

Although every flaw looked glaringly obvious to me, I'm definitely my own worst critic (what baker isn't?), because everyone was so kind in telling me how amazing it looked and tasted. So here it is, two layers of white chocolate raspberry and two layers of dark chocolate raspberry, with white chocolate raspberry frosting, white chocolate fondant, and edible paper camouflage. These photos were taken the night before the wedding - just in case something horrible happened to it before the reception!

Right now, my husband would be hollering this: "Make sure you tell them that I made the deer antler stand!" So I husband (the closet baker) made the deer antler cake stand, and covered it in camouflage fabric - which used to be the curtains in my kitchen. Nothing like following Scarlett O'Hara's lead, right?

These were taken at the reception. Aside from getting to eat my own cake for a change, my favorite part was the wine glasses and knife, which our parents used at their wedding.

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