Saturday, June 30, 2012

Secret Cakes

One day as I was taking my daughter to t-ball, I got a call for a cake. It was the dad of the little girl I made a really pretty flower cake for, and he wanted to order a cake for his fiance's birthday. I said of course, and got the details.

Later that evening, I was feeling confused, because earlier in the week I had gotten a call from a mom who I swore told me I had done her daughter's flower birthday cake. She had asked for a cake for her fiance's birthday too. After some investigating, I figured it out...they were secretly ordering cakes for each other's birthdays, which were a week apart!

Loving a good secret, I didn't spill the beans. This is the one I did for the dad, who loved the snuggle bear when he was little. (I did too. Must be a generational thing.)

And this is the one I did for the mom:

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