Saturday, June 18, 2011

The One That Started It All

I love planning birthday parties for my kids, so when my oldest daughter turned 4, I figured it was time for a "real" birthday party, since she would be old enough to appreciate it. So I planned a full out cowgirl party, complete with a ghost town made out of refrigerator boxes. 

As I was planning, I knew no ordinary cake would do. So knowing my cousin and good friend Annie made fancy cakes, I asked her to make one for Aspen. She agreed, and even let me help!

This is what my baby girl had for her first big birthday:

After the big day, I started thinking to myself how much fun it had been helping with her cake. And the seed was planted...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Flavor Information
  • If you want a specific flavor, but don't see it, be sure to ask :-)  
  • Custom cake flavors and spirited cakes cost an extra $5 - $10 due to the increased cost of ingredients
Basic Cake Flavors

Classic Chocolate
     Simple, classic light chocolate flavor

Dark Chocolate
     Dark chocolate flavor with a hint of orange                                                          

Chocolate Almond
     Moist, dark chocolate cake with a hint of almond

Southern Red Velvet
     Rich, tangy buttermilk cake with hints of cocoa (and that nice red color too!) 

Vanilla Bean
     Classic vanilla cake flavored with Madagascar vanilla beans

Rainbow Chip
     Vanilla cake with your choice of cheerful, colorful sprinkles mixed throughout

Wedding White
     Traditionally flavored with almond and vanilla

Classic White
     White cake, plain or lightly flavored with your choice of orange, lemon, or lime

Fruit Flavored Cakes
Rich, flavorful cakes in your choice of strawberry, raspberry or lemon       
Pumpkin Spice
     Pumpkin and spices married perfectly in a rich, delicious cake        
“Spirited” Cake Flavors

A delicious assortment of “spirited” cakes, inspired by your favorite watering hole
(Please note these cakes all include alcohol in their ingredients)

Chocolate Peppermint                                                        Fuzzy Navel
Chocolate Kahlua                                                                Orange Rum        
Amaretto                                                                             Jack Apple Pecan
Double Chocolate Rum                                            
Pina Colada                                                                       

Frosting Flavors

Buttercream in any flavor - from plain ol' vanilla and chocolate to peach schnapps and white chocolate (and everything in between) 

Cream Cheese

Ganache, in both white and dark chocolate

Sweet Cheeks Bakery 
Glenrock, Wyoming  
Pricing Info
  • Orders can be paid for by cash, check and credit or debit card. 
  • A down payment of half the total price is required no later than 72 hours before your pick up day. Orders will not be made without the down payment. (Down payment may be waived in some cases)  
    Cake Prices

    All cakes are priced by serving
    For custom cakes, such as 3D cakes or cakes with more servings, please contact us for a quote

    Basic Designs and Decorations - $3.00/serving

    12 servings, single tier                   $36                                          40 servings, three tier              $125
    20 servings, single tier                   $60                                          60 servings, three tier              $185

    20 servings, two tier                       $65
    32 servings, two tier                       $100

    Heavily Detailed & Intricate Cakes, Topsy Turvy Cakes, Etc - $3.25 to $3.50 per serving

    12 servings, single tier                   $39 to $42                               40 servings, three tier              $135 to $145
    20 servings, single tier                   $65 to $70                               60 servings, three tier              $200 to $215

    20 servings, two tier                       $70 to $75
    32 servings, two tier                       $109 to $117

    Cupcakes & Pies
    1 dozen minimum order on cupcakes
    Fruit pies can be ordered fresh or frozen

    Cupcakes                                                                                             Fruit and Cream Pie
    Frosting/Sprinkles Only          $20/dozen                                Fresh Fruit Pies           $15 to $20
    Custom Designs                      $30/dozen                                Fresh Cream Pies        $12 to $15

    Edible Images                                     $5
    Edible Rhinestones, etc.                      $5 & Up
    Fresh Flowers                                      Varies
    “Spirited” Cake Flavors                      $5 - $10
    Delivery                                               $20 to Casper or Douglas